About Us
Who we are and how we got here, don't worry it is only the short story.

Our vision

To live and dive in a future where pollution, overfishing and possible extinction are things of the past. This vision will always guide our choices in how we train and the items that we choose to sell.

Mission statement

To provide the best training, the best merchandise, and the best service while always remembering our responsibility to the worlds streams, lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans.
The Team
Currently, and for the foreseeable future there are only two instructors with Island Time Sports. We have no dream of ever being the biggest; however, we will constantly strive to be the best when it comes to training and products.
Steven Brown
Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Photography Instructor, DAN Trainer

I got here by a rather long and twisted path. I attended University and studied Marine Biology, and after University I started in retail. It makes sense in some ways I think. I had my own camera store and studio for almost 9 years and then bounced around a bit until I met Jen. We spent 5 years in the Cayman Islands, and yes we dove. Part of my time there was spent at Cathy Church's. Upon our return to Canada I finally became a Scuba Instructor, I have been diving since 1979, so it was about time.

So with over 35 years of diving I have had a chance to dive three oceans, lots of lakes and rivers in Canada, plus boring research dives for school. Add to this my experience as a photographer and I am more than ready to help you on your journey.

Jennifer May
Open Water Scuba Instructor, DAN Trainer, Photography Instructor

Jen may not have been diving for as many years as Steve has, but since she started in the Cayman Islands, she did have a chance to make up for lost time. An Interior Designer, and small business owner herself, she also became a Scuba Instructor when they returned to Canada after their 5 years in the Cayman Islands.

Jen's favourite is the teaching of all of the DAN courses, and helping anyone who is a little nervous about diving. She was unsure of herself when she started diving, and those memories are still fresh in her mind so she understands your apprehension.

“If you want to make a scuba diver, don't get them to buy things and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”