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Free Toss Deluxe

Free Toss Deluxe

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No Overhang, No Problem!  Deluxe versions include a 5’ telescoping pole (stainless steel) that inserts seamlessly into the backboard.  The telescoping pole includes a builtin cord lock for ease of set up and adjustment.  Eliminating the need for an overhang means that Tee Toss can always be mounted in the perfect spot.   

Hoops anyone?  Swing the basketball to score some points!   The same addictive and rewarding play pattern as Tiki Toss, but now we’re playing ball.   For the basketball fan and anyone who loves games in general.  Step up to the line!

Everything included to set up and play in 5 minutes.  100% bamboo backboard.  Quick Connect Hoop, net, Basketball with connected string, mounting screws, eye hook and cord lock.  An Official Tiki Toss Product. 

Addictive, competitive & fun for the whole family.  Set up indoors or out.  Essential for any basketball fan or game fanatic!  Always the life of the party. 100% Bamboo backboard. All components included to set up and play in 5 minutes!

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